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Storage And Maintenance Of Powder Tablet Press Mould

January 9, 2020

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Storage And Maintenance Of Powder Tablet Press Mould


The significance of storage and maintenance of molds: in the pharmaceutical production process, the molds used for tablet pressing play a vital role in the quality of tablets. The length of impact body is different, which directly affects the weight difference and hardness of tablet, or affects the brittleness; Punch edge knock edge or punch is not flat, the impact of one - sided caused by split, stick and so on. Therefore, in daily management, we must pay attention to the daily maintenance, maintenance and storage of the powder tablet press mold to ensure the quality of our tablets.


The following procedure is expected to help you in the daily maintenance, maintenance and storage of the powder tablet press mold.


1. The newly purchased molds shall be accepted and accepted by the workshop mechanic, and the group leader of the delivery pressing sheet shall confirm again after passing the acceptance inspection.


2. After receiving, the outer package should be removed, and 95% ethanol should be used for cleaning and disinfection after removing the anti-rust oil. The product can be stored in the mold room for future use.


3. Before use, check whether the specifications and models of the molds used are consistent with the required specifications and models. Before the molds are installed, clean cloth should be applied to wipe the molds, and 75% ethanol should be used to wipe the molds. During the installation process, please check whether the punches and dies are consistent, and pay special attention to handle and put them gently. At the same time, the old and new molds should not be mixed, and the control and influence on the weight difference should be evaluated or tested when mixed.


4. The molds should be sent back to the mold management room and cleaned in time with 95% ethanol. During the cleaning process, attention should be paid to check whether the molds are damaged.


5. If the cleaned mold is not used for a long time, a layer of anti-rust oil shall be applied. When stored, it shall be placed in the area according to the machine type and the sheet type with obvious marks. The storage process should ensure the room temperature and humidity, in order to avoid mold rust, if the room humidity is too high, you can open the dehumidifier to keep dry, keep the mold room clean and dry, mold room shall not store anything other than mold.


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