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LTN Series Herb Extraction Equipment Concentration Machine For Chemical Use

Minimum Order Quantity : 1Set/Sets Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : Wooden packing Delivery Time : a month
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram Supply Ability : 20set/sets per a month
Place of Origin : China (Mainland) Brand Name : LTPM CHINA
Certification : CE Model Number : LTN Series

Detail Information

Power Of Vacuum Pump: 12kw Condition: New
The Volume Of Extracting: 6 Raw Material Input Capacity (kg): 600-800
Capacity Of Concentrating Evaporator: 1500kg/hour Concentrating Quantity(kg/h): 1500
High Light:

solvent extraction plant


oil extraction machine

Product Description

High Efficiency Herbal Oil Extraction Machine



The main features as follows:

1). Low temperature densely: The main solvent is water and ethanol in the Chinese extracted, if adopt the low extracting and low concentrating, the water extracting is control in 50℃-90℃, ethanol extracting is control in 40℃-80℃. Because of the low extracting, it can avoid the herb medicinal materials active ingredient, especially the organisms activated not easy to destroy,at the same time it can avoid producing the inefficacy ingredients in the high temperature, such as dextrin, colloid, tannin etc, improve the products quality, convenient for isolation and purification.

2). High drawing rate: Because of the extracting pot at the condition of the vacuum pressure and low temperature, it can enable the herb medicinal materials cell to expedite expand, cell membrane broken at once, at cell inside, it stripping the actived ingredient. And the continuously supplement of the reflus-norma new solvent, which it enable the solvent played at the medicinal materials surface and penetrate into the medicinal materials interior, improve the medicinal attrition elution-force and the solubility, the medicinal material and the solvent keep higher gradient of concentration and extend ability, having accelerated the dissolving out of solvent of active principle of the medicinal materials ,improve the extracting rate and the harvested ointment rate of the herb medicinal material.

3). Save the solvent: Only need to join 8 times of solvents of crude drugs quantity once, utilize new solvent conduct of hot backset current to hot backset current to supplement, which the backset total is equal to the old extracting need 2-3 times join solvent total, it save the solvent 50%-60%, also it can increased the collecting volume of medicinal materials.

4). Save steam, the unit in closed and low temperature operation, all maintained liquid temperature in the tank keep in 50-90℃, heated steam pressure in atmospheric conditions, can significant reduction of the steam power consumption.

5). Design innovation: Through the vacuum of the vacuum converter and the height difference of the vacuum height suction of the key design, it shorten the extracting and contracting time, improve the medicinal harvested ointment rate and some actived ingredient keeping rate.

6). Advanced craft: Extracting concentrating is go on meanwhile, completion gets medicinal extract directly, shortens the craft.

7).Computer controlled: Adopt the PLC main-machine interface, vacuum converted timing ect. , also it can setup the temperature controlled, vacuum controlled, density controlled and production original recording printing device.

8). Lower costs: The all right equipment of aircrew simplifies, washed the convenient, the whole closed operation, has no environmental pollution, compared with necessary equipment of traditional craft, the equipment reduces by 1/3, the occupation of land reduces by 2/3, investment can save by 40%, energy consumption can be reduced by 40%, the attendant reduces by 1/3, so the production cost can be reduced by about 50%.

LTN Series Herb Extraction Equipment Concentration Machine For Chemical Use 0

Different function programes:

1). Small reflux function program (low-temperatuer extracting)

Introduce: Extract tank - hot reflux condenser- electract tank low temperature extracting stage. atmospheric extraction, for 2 hours.

2). Big reflux function program (hot reflux low temperature extrcting and concentrating)

Introduce : Extract tank- heate-evaporator - hot reflux condenser- vauum switcher - extract tank lower temperature extracting and concentrating stage, for 2-4 hours.


3). Concentrating extract medicine and recover solvent functions program(low temperautre extracting)

Introduce: heater- evaporator- hot reflux condenser- vacuum switcher- solvent recovery low temperature concentrating stage to collect extract medicine, for 2-4 hours.


4). Extracting essential oil functions program;

Introduce: Extract tank - hot reflux condeser- oil water separator


5). Continuous permeability and reflux extraction function program

Instroduce extract tank - delivery pump- extract tank




Technical Data




No. Item Model Material No. Item Model Material
1 Extracting Tank TQ.Z—3M3 SUS304 11 Heater   SUS304
2 Warming Jacket   SUS304 12 Warming Jacket   SUS304
3 Polyaminocarboxylic Foam Material   SUS304 13 Evaporator   SUS304
4 Oil and water separator   SUS304 14 Controlling Cabinet Vertical PLC and touch screen
5 De-bubble Device   SUS304 15 Valves and viewing glass DN40~DN25 SUS304
6 Condenser   SUS304 16 Connection Pipes DN40~DN25 SUS304
7 Medium Tank   SUS304 17 Vacuum Pump 2BV5110 SUS304
8 Vacuum Transformer   SUS304 18 Vacuum Buff Tank   SUS304
9 Vacuum Transition Tank   SUS304 19 Air Compressor 0.17M3/0.7Mpa




Hempseed oil

The appearance and characteristics are very close to the low iodine value of linseed oil, but slightly greenish.

The approximate fatty acid composition is: 10.1% saturated acid, 16% oleic acid, 46% linoleic acid, and 28% linolenic acid.

The acid value is 3 mg KOH/g, the iodine value is 149-167, and the relative density is 0.925-0.933 (15/15 ° C). The freezing point is about 16 °C.

The main ingredients are glycerides of linoleic acid, linolenic acid and oleic acid.

Used in industries such as paints and soaps.


Mechanical Detail

LTN Series Herb Extraction Equipment Concentration Machine For Chemical Use 1



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